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Norwegian Fashion industry a big night of Celebration

Fashion Week Norway,
In the Norway Fashion History a Big fashion which started with lot of challenges, Norway fashion Industry is started new period, like Denmark’s, in the Oslo fashion week , Japanese collection Camilla Bruerberg , is first time introduced , It also won a award,
Camilla Bruerberg,
Camilla Bruerberg is the collection of the men’s clotting, like different color of trousers and knitted sweaters,

And the award wins by a Mood who belong to Norway, and he beat nine other candidates in this compaction the musician is Mariann Theomassen and Samsaya

Credit goes the Ellen Arnstad (Chief Editor of Henne Magazine.) and Nico Widerberg (last Year Winner.) there Person have big contribution in the Norwegian Fashion Industry

In Oslo Fashion Week the Brands are Introduces.

Nina Jarebrink
By the BygdoRoyal Farm introduce women clothes of all ages ,these designs have high Quality and not showed in any fashion show, Colorful sleeves for this season,

Pia Haralden
Pia Haralden is very Famous designers, her designs are impeccable and for the royal

Kristar Design
This Design is related to mountains aria of Norway , and simpler design is very famous in aria in 2006

White Baron
White Baron design show the Norway, folklore history and culture, this brans designs of clothing, accessories.

Fam Irvoll
These Designs are show the pop art, garden and rain for teen agers and 5 year above girls, and also introduce the children’s cloths.

Norwegian Fairytales is introduce by the trio its tribute Norway’s Cultures
And others ,Disco Ball,Dancing and Racking,Hall of the Mountain King
Old businessmans

Christian Ringnes, with old cloores of pink,yellow and blue, brocade patterns , silver and pink, Princess Maxi sheer ,flirty shorts with beachwear and short dress,
In the Music the singer is Tre Raske Menn and Marion Raven has intertain the vistors.
This Fashion show is ending with happiness.

Tuesday is opining ceremony of the Oslo Fashion week in Konggressenter, a large number of famous personalities attended in this Fashion Show,

Norway Fashion Industry

In Norway fashion is grow up and new fashion brand have many challenges, Fashion Industry is entering in new period , as comparing the to Denmark’s, but in the Oslo Fashion show Judging is not notice by any one.

Fashion Show is started from a movie of old school, 80s featuring haute couture designer Per Spook. Then the Japanese collection Camilla Bruerberg, and it’s won the new comers award in Oslo Fashion Week,

Moods of Norway Fall 2010 Collection at Oslo Fashion Week

OSLO, NORWAY – FEBRUARY 21: (L-R) Moods of Norway cofounders Simon Staalnacke, Peder Borresen and Stefan Dahlkvist attend the Moods of Norway Fall 2010 Collection at Oslo Fashion Week on February 21, 2010 in Oslo, Norway.

– Debutantvisning, trendvisning, motejubileer og fellesshow for norske designere: Er arrangementene åpne for folk flest? – I utgangspunktet: Ja. Det er mulig for hvem som helst å kjøpe billett. Av erfaring ser vi samtidig at få utenfor bransjen og mediene slipper inn. Vi blir nødt til å prioritere presse, innkjøpere og andre bransjefolk.

Håpet til de ferske designerne er at den rette personen som vil starte produksjon av akkurat deres merke dukker opp, at kontaktene knyttes med de viktige personene i bransjen eller gode råd gis i en uformell setting.

Designer Linn Renée Blegeberg instructing a model backstage

På podiet kunne vi se lange silkekjoler med blomsterprint, nette bluser, en nydelig pudder rosa fløyesfrakk og et par volumiøse high waist paljett bukser. Sistnevnte hadde MTV- stjerne og trendikon Charlotte Thorstvedt lagt sin elsk på. Kolleksjonen alt i alt besto av kjoler, skjørt, bluser, jakker, vester, jumpsuits, kåper, bukser og tights.

Showet var utrolig godt gjennomført med god koreografi og gripende stemningsinnlevelse av modellene. Etter showet skrøt en overveldende Tina Haagensen av et godt sammarbeid teamet imellom. Hun kunne fortelle at hun alltid har et tema for hvert show, og da det tidligere har vært mye fart over showene, hadde hun i år valgt å “skvise inn volumet”.

MARDOU & DEAN – A Sence of Euphoria…

Mardou & Dean is a relatively new brand (2006) inspired by Beatnik culture and literature. The designer duo has “urban traveler” written all over their collections. We can look at Ingrid and Patrik as the modern traveling couple in constant motion and emotion. The thin sharp silhouette in their design is their signature. The cut is edgy, but the result is simple and easy with a twist.

All Mardou & Dean pieces are designed in Norway and made in Italy to ensure fabrics with high quality. The fabrics are produced in Italy, Spain and Japan.

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varieties with very low necklines and short

is much more complicated for females,

lakme fashion week 2009

Eventually after comparing different games kids will come up with their taste or category of online girl games.

fashion spot.

There are varieties with very low necklines and short hemlines that help you adopt that attention-grabbing look.chiara fashion– Fashion suit that can be used from office to the dinner date in the city is possible.Celebrities,london fashion week 2010It also has a lot to do with co coordinating the style and color of your shoes with your clothes (or maybe it’s the other way round!) Leather shoes never go out of any women a claim like that has to be investigated! The best place to start was the magic slimming dress (as all of us girls need one) and is a simple conservative plain black dress.toast fashion Girls might have completely different choices when it comes to should be shiny and lustrous.lady gaga fashion everyone will encounter the so called dress up,The constant need for radical change, which is now essential for the survival of fashion within the present system, was still literally icons Skirts could be plain and straight or pleated and a bit fuller.Even though you may love your brand new ruby red heels, you may want to save them for a dinner fantasy If you are label junky combined with being a shopping addict it really can take it’s toll on your purse strings.the hemp dress,

festival fashion

brown eyes.the fashion show Logically, why must a women appear sexier to other men rather than her husband? Also, why exposing your body everywhere if you are still a single? In Islam, women are valued highly, and must be treasured wether it is in the family or community.they are made of expensive and rich quality materials with proper attention being paid to every intrinsic detail.90s fashion2

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Short and sweet baby doll dress

on the other hand,

lakme fashion week 2009

A young girl will love choosing gorgeous outfits and trendy styles in Fashion Dress Up Games.

fashion spot.

An amazingly designed sundress should help you in the same.chiara fashion– Designs are mostly suitable to the structure and type of body of the women wearing the dress.You can take tips from people around fashion week 2010formal and floaters) to all events and occasions.The marketing From Marks and Spencer’s who have produced this first range claims: “Firm control inner lining that is cut and seamed to control and lift in all the right places – holding in the stomach and lifting the bottom and bust” Well,toast fashionBoys may prefer different games than what girls normally are the guidelines of the trendiest dresses on the web that are surely in standard with the designer’s dresses: First for the fabric,lady gaga fashion male or female,The outfits worn by the fashionable women were strikingly similar to those worn in the heyday of the fashion pioneer Charles Worn, By the end of the nineteenth century, the horizons of the fashion industry had generally broadened, partly due to the more mobile and independent lifestyle many well-off women were beginning to adopt and the practical clothes icons Another option is to wear a long skirt and white blouse.* Out Door Dates: Going on a date that takes place outside or involves a lot of walking means you’ll need to dress fantasy they just can’t justify spending that amount.colorful patterns and various styles of v-necks or halter designs. Shorter halter dresses are also in style along with the “short and sweet” baby doll dress. Other celebrity style dresses to look for include the Soul Revival dress styles,

festival fashion.

Yasmin? It would make the difference as her brown eyes take a glimpse of herself in the mirror- the beauty mark underneath her left eye,the fashion show So Islam want to take prevention since prevention is better than cure.Moreover,90s fashion the racer back tank is built-in.

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The Maxi dress is seen often on the runway scene

and even picking the right shoe,

lakme fashion week 2009

These games come in versions for different age ranges and different degrees of difficulty.

fashion spot

Casual Outdoors You can look fashionable for casual gatherings with friends as well.chiara fashion– Most of such suits are made of natural fiber.then there are other ways as well to stay fashion week 2010The Necessity of Dress Shoes When it comes to shoes it is not possible to manage with only three pairs (the quintessential casual,This support is designed to flatter your figure and is part of a new Magic wear range where all garments feature this unique construction.toast fashion Similarly the choices may differ between boys and girls.To give you an idea which ones are best for this year’s prom,lady gaga fashion late adult,In cities throughout the world these magazines were greatly sought-after and had a profound effect on public icons This creates the unnaturally low waist line that is very characteristic of the early to mid ’20s.Choose something that’s fun and slightly flirty, but remember to stay fantasy For others,or a Miley round neck tank top with an embellished neckline. Fashion Dresses – Celebrity Style A seventies style dress called the Maxi dress is definitely back with a vengeance. The Maxi dress is seen often on the runway scene and is perfect for spring and summer. Maxi dresses are long and flowing with bright,

festival fashion.

Have you wondered how Sasha can look like when dress up with the fashion clothing that you prefer? And imagine how striking it could be with her sparkling green eyes? How about the girl with the tan beauty,the fashion show Sometime a man can get excited by just seeing some hair.We will never find another piece of the same dress.90s fashion For added cuteness,

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